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Mission and Vision | Misión y Visión

The mission and purpose of Hannah’s Heart of Hope Women’s Center is to bring Christ into the lives of women facing an unplanned pregnancy, aid with adoptions, offer short term foster care, and bring healing to post abortive women. We are a Christian based center with a goal towards providing safe and confidential support for all women during pregnancy, seeking to adopt or post abortive. We want to offer healing for women in any and all stages of motherhood; pregnant, seeking a baby or that are post abortive.


The center will provide free pregnancy test, ultrasound testing, free pre-natal vitamins and supplements. In addition we want to provide mothers those things needed to care for the baby once the child is born. Our vision is to give strength to the mother through a reward program where women can participate and earn points in order to receive the things most needed to care for her child upon leaving the hospital such as car seats, high chairs, strollers, pampers and cribs. It is essential to equip women to choose life in times of crisis or upon an unplanned pregnancy. Children are the heritage of the Lord and life begins at conception. We want to have an ongoing relationship with these women offering them counseling, parenting classes, substance abuse classes, life skills, bible study and job training and placement. The Center encourages women to pursue a career by furthering their education in order to provide a better future for herself as for the wellbeing of her child.


The Center also has an Adoption division for women who chose to place their child in an adoptive home if they choose not to keep their child but, do carry to full term. We hope to enrich and bless those women seeking to adopt by placing a child in their lives and home. Social workers are available to perform home studies, Attorneys will prepare and file these petitions as well as Counselors who will also be available to counsel the birth mother.


At a future point the center will be capacitated to take in children and place them in foster care if the mother is unable to care for the child due to incarceration or who give birth while incarcerated. We hope to facilitate housing for pregnant women at a later point at the center.


In conclusion we are a house of prayer at all times. We are equipped to pray for women who desire to carry their babies to full term and keep their baby. We desire the love and light of Christ Jesus to be a beacon of hope at our center for all who need help.

Providing Help, Hope, and Healing
For Women With Unplanned Pregnancies


Proporcionando ayuda, esperanza y sanación
Para las mujeres con embarazos no planificados

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