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3707 Westcenter Drive, Suite 177
Houston, TX 77042

Primary Email: Johana@hannahsheartofhope.org

Primary Phone: 773.600.8761 (Se Habla Espanol)

Email: Overzenia@hannahsheartofhope.org
Phone: 713.987.3039
Call or Text: 281.300.3849


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Adoption Choices
  • You select the parents for your child.

  • You share your identity with your baby’s family.

  • You know where your baby lives.

  • You may have onging contact with your child. (i.e. phone calls, visits, letters, photos, etc.)


  • You select the parents for your child.

  • You exchange some information with the parents.

  • You may send cards, photos, and letters to your baby through the adoption agency.

  • You may receive updates from your child’s family through the adoption agency.

  • Your privacy is protected.


  • Your agency selects your baby’s parents.

  • Your identity and privacy are protected.

  • Your baby’s identity and privacy are protected.

  • You and your child may be reunited at some point in the future if both agree.