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In 2012, as she struggled with her own past and the trauma of post-abortion, God placed a vision in Overzenia Ojuri's heart—the desire to help other women and babies. Having experienced first-hand the fear that can grip a young woman when she learns she is pregnant, Overzenia understands the feeling of having "no way out". She understands the trauma of being a post-abortive mother and the gripping knowledge that you cannot go back and undo what has been done. She also knows the wonderful grace and redemption found only in Christ Jesus. She knows that life begins at the moment of conception, and she thrives in helping other women of all ages and backgrounds choose LIFE.


Overzenia and her husband, George, are ordained ministers. They have served as pastors and as lay leaders in their local church for nearly 20 years. Both are working professionals with a heart for women and seeing their lives transformed by the power of God. They also share a passion to see new mothers succeed.

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overzenia and george ojuri
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